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    About Us
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    Add: #8 Shangxian Road,West IndustrialArea,Huangyan,Zhejiang,China
    Tel: +86-576-89181255   89181288
    Fax: +86-576-89181280
    E-mail: jiyuan@jiyuanmould.com

    Enterprise target: grasp opportunities, build brand, and development

    Values: people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, mutual win-win

    Role of enterprise: fast, stable, sincere,  strict

    Management policy: make yourself better, beyond yourself

    Enterprise spirit: pragmatic, thrift, innovation and efficient

    Management policy: strictly management, specification first, streamlinetasks, standardized operations.

    Talent concept: leading moral quality, ability to work for first

    Service concept: quality first, customer first

    Quality management system policy: good quality, ensure delivery,customer satisfaction, sustainable operation

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