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    Taiwan injection machine maker Huarong Plans A New plant in India

    Date:2016-08-31 16:38:00Click:

    Taiwan-based machinery supplier Huarong Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd. plans to establish an assembly operation in India.

    Huarong sold around 70 injection molding machines in India in 2013 compared to almost 100 in the previous year.

    The company supplies two-component injection molding machines to the automobile sector, which has been plagued by a slowdown, as well as in-mold label systems for packaging.

    When the company moves ahead in India, initially the local plant will assemble machines ranging in size from 60-450 metric tons of clamping force. Eventually it will add machines above 500 tons.

    Huangrong has very strong relation with Indian clients, to whom they are supplying from many years. The plant will further help Huarong to strengthen relations with the India market.

    Tianan, Taiwan-based Huarong will likely finalize the India entry plan by the middle of 2014.

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